I’m a Navajo living in Los Angeles, yet my culture, my identity is invisible.

When I began sharing that I was Diné (Navajo), most folks didn’t know what that meant, so I had to say American Indian or Native American. Then I would get a slew of different responses like, “Oh, I thought all Indians were dead.” Or, “You mean like Pocahontas?”


My Once Life – Video Poem

My Once Life is a hybrid video poem about the continuing impact of colonization on tribal peoples.

NDNZ In The City

Join us Nov 2, 2016 for an evening of talk, short films, photographs, and personal stories from Indigenous multimedia documentarian, Pamela Peters (Navajo). The evening’s event will showcase Peter’s newest film Legacy of Exiled NDNZ and multimedia presentation Real NDNZ re-take Hollywood. Pamela’s work stands against prevalent stereotypes of American Indians in popular culture by pushing viewers to critically analyze the psychological and historical structures of Native American in mass media.

Real NDNZ Re-Take Hollywood

Real NDNZ Re-Take Hollywood, showcases photographs that disrupt and decolonize clichéd portrayals of the “Hollywood Indian.” The series "re-takes," classic portraits of movie stars of yesteryear with contemporary Native American actors in Los Angeles.

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