2022 Reclamation, An Exhibition Featuring Two Contemporary Native Photographers, University of Oregon, Eugene Oregon

2022 Native American Art Galleries, Eiteljorg Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana

2022 Native Truths: Our Voices, Field Museum, Our Stories, Chicago, Illinois 

2021 Story of the Land, SCWCA-The ​Southern California Women’s Caucus for Art Exhibitions, Los Angeles, California.

2021 LH Horton Jr. Art Gallery, Delta College, Stockton, California. 

2021 Photo Flux: Ushuttering L.A., J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California

2020 NoWhere and  Everywhere Indigenous in America, ReflectiveSpace Glendale, Glendale, California

2020 A(MEND) New Narratives of Native American Life. Galleries at CCBC, Baltimore, Maryland

2020 The Galleries at CCBC, Baltimore, Maryland.

2020 First Peoples Week, The Greene Space, New York City, NY.

2020 Common Ground: Embed Gallery, Toolbox LA, Woodland Hills, CA.

2020 reLocated: Urban Migration, Perseverance, and Adaptation. Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

2019 Photoville Native American group exhibition. Brooklyn, New York. 

2019 Beyond Standing Rock. Museum of Indian Art & Culture, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  

2019 ERASURE: Native American Genocide: A Legacy. ReflectSpace,  Glendale, CA.

2019 Contemporary Traces on Ancient Land. Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA. 

2018 Dora De Larios: Other Worlds + Rigo 23: Ripples Become Waves. Main Museum, LA, CA. 

2017 Louder Than Words: Indigenous American Art and Activism. Idyllwild Arts, Idyllwild, CA.  

2017 (About that) Water is Life. Minnesota Center for Book Arts Minneapolis , Minnesota. 

2017 Entering Standing Rock: the Protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Maxwell Museum, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

2016 Celebrating the Health & Resilience of Native Americans in Los Angeles. The California Endowment Center, Los Angeles, CA

2016 Culture of Los Angeles, Native Heritage Month. Los Angeles City Hall, Los Angeles, CA. 

2016 Los Angeles Real NDNZ ‘retake’ Hollywood (solo exhibition), These Days,  Los Angeles, CA.

2016 Girls Girls Girls photography exhibition. 1850 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. 

2016 Colors of Humanity Online photo exhibition. Everett, PA. 

2016 Monochrome – The Black and White Photography exhibition. Arts District Los Arts District Los Angeles Photo Collective (ADLAPC), Los Angeles, CA.  

2015 Creative Portrait Exhibition. Los Angeles Center of Photography, Los Angeles, CA 

2014 Ecotone | Boundaries, Tensions, Integrations. Venice Arts Gallery, Venice, CA.

2014 Legacy of Exiled NDNZ exhibition (solo exhibition). 118 Winston Gallery, Los Angeles. CA 


Permanent Collection 

Trition Museum, San Clara, CA

University of Oregon, Archival Dept., Portland, Oregon

Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois

Eiteljorg Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana


2021 One of six finalist in 2021 Los Angeles Artadia Award

2016 The Puffin Foundation, Ltd. 

2016 Winner of Video Poem “My Once Life” 

2014 Winner of Los Angeles Times Inspiration Photo Contest

2014 Fellowship “Undisciplined” Research on the Indian Boarding School experience.


2021 ABC7 – Filmmaker Pamela J. Peters explores LA’s Native American community through the lens of migration

2021 KVIE/ PBS – Preserving Culture Through Art segments and KVIE Arts Showcase, Los Angeles, California

2020 Reflections on Calafia from Indigenous Perspectives. ArtCenter College, Pasadena, California. 

2019 Contours, Configurations, and Locality: Mapping Urban Indigenous Los Angeles. Los Angeles Public Library, Los Angeles, CA. 

2019 Native American Representation in film, television and digital media. University of St AndrewsFife Scotland. 

2019 UCLA, “American” Art and the Legacy of Conquest: Art at California’s Missions in the Global 18th-20th Centuries. UCLA, Los Angeles, CA. 

2019 (Re-) Visualizing Indigenous Pasts, Presents, and Futures, Pasadena Library, Pasadena, CA,

2019 Photography talk “Open Show.” ArtCenter College, Pasadena, CA

2019 Photographer’s Eye – NDNZ in the City. Los Angeles Central Public Library, Los Angeles, CA.

2018 Indigenous Now – Indigenous Artists Reinforce History and Presence. Tongva Park, Santa Monica, CA. 

2018 Celebrating Native Voices: Short Fiction and Documentary Films by Native American Filmmakers. Augsburg University, Minneapolis, MN. 

2017 Race & Gender 104 Course studies on Bodies: Violence. UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

2016 NDNZ in the City: Multimedia Narratives of American Indian Culture. Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

2016 Real NDNZ Re-Take Hollywood, University of California Riverside, Riverside, CA. 

2016 35th Annual Medicine Ways Conference – Indigenous Perspectives: Identity and Representation Through Media. University of California Riverside, Riverside, CA.  

2016 Legacy of Exiled NDNZ Photography and Film.  Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA.  

2016 Symposium guest: Not Your Romantic Indian: Indigenous Photography and the Legacy of Edward Curtis. University of Oregon, Eugene, OR. 

2015 Present Legacy of Exiled NDNZ. Northwestern University, Chicago, IL. 

2015 Indian Relocation with the film The Exiles and Legacy of Exiled NDNZ. University of Berkeley (UCB). Berkeley, CA.  

2015 Legacy of Exiled NDNZ Photography and Film. Pitzer College, Pomona College, Pomona, CA.  

2015 Keynote Speaker for Native Youth Conference. University of California Irvine (UCI), Irvine, CA.  

2015 Legacy of Exiled NDNZ Photography and Film. Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA.     

2015 Red Reflections of Life. Cal Arts, Santa Clarita, CA. 

2015 Race & Gender Course on Postcolonial Feminist Theories, Visual Culture. UCLA. LA, CA.

2014 Legacy of Exiled NDNZ Photography and Film. UCSD, San Diego, CA. 

2014 Photography through a Native Lens. Torres Martinez Tribal TANF. Los Angeles, CA. 

2014 29th Annual California Indian Conference. University of California (UCR), Riverside, CA.  

2014 Native Youth Event. University of California Riverside (UCR) Riverside, CA.

2014 Exiled NDNZ Photography and Film. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, 

2014 The Aesthetics and Art of Film in Cinemas’ of Sovereignty. UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.  

2014  Exiled NDNZ presentation about American Indian stories through multimedia. Claremont Colleges / Pitzer College, Claremont, CA.

2014 USC Annenberg Center of Communication Leadership & Policy. CCLP Brings Together Acclaimed Photojournalists for Next Journalism Forum. USC, Los Angeles, CA. 


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BA – University of California, Los Angeles, California. 

AA – Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, California

AA – Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, California.