“I was a REZ girl dreaming of seeing the Pacific Ocean for the 1st time.”
Levi reading on the beach

By Pamela J. Peters

The essence of the moon channels the waves of the deep blue sea…
I am sweltering, as I have never seen such a strangely perturbing sight of free beauty with such magnificent degree…

I am a REZ girl, I only know of partition red and brown land -where boundaries are labeled as government owned and occupied by Indians…
Yet, this new discovery has seduced me
….in a way that has also overwhelmed me.

My eyes have only seen sweltering heat on dry red soil enslaved.
Now my eyes have seen anew.
I am attached to every light.
Reflecting in each delicate wave in sight.
The sound of crashing water gives me hope, confidence and a reason to cope – with existing.

The mist of water trickling on my face washes away my deteriorating place, I am now baptized with a new chapter and a new sense of laughter.
Thank you Creator for the gift of my existence, this ocean of life is giving me the path of my persistence!


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