Los Angeles is home of the largest American Indian population in the country. In recognition of the city’s immense tribal diversity, artist and filmmaker Pamela J. Peters (Navajo) brings together four renowned Native American women for an evening of poetry and spoken word.

Join us for an evening of Voices from Native Women’s through poetry. The evening will feature four Native American women sharing their stories through poetry and spoken word at the Beta Main Museum. Kinsale Hueston (Navajo) is a recipient of the Yale Young Native Storytellers Award for Spoken Word/Storytelling. Her poetry often focuses on modern issues facing her Navajo Nation tribe, including violence against women, the loss of native languages and racial prejudice. Emily Clarke (Cahuilla Band of Indians) is a high school senior at Idyllwild Arts Academy. Yet despite her youth there is strength, truth, wisdom, and knowledge beyond her years that comes through in her poetry. From her insights on Indigenous women’s issues to her admiration for those who protect the Earth, she consistently illustrates a valiant maturity. Tazbah Rose Chavez (Bishop Paiute Tribe, Nüümü, Diné and Apache), has been writing poetry since childhood and performing since the age of 14. As a teenager, she began writing and producing experimental short films that combined film, music, and poetry. Her work pays tribute to the beauty, struggle, responsibility and strength of Native women. Allison Ramirez’s (Tohono O’odham Nation) writing is a complex discourse of poetics, which considers and traverses the terrains of both literary and critical thought in equal measure. Although each poet’s work is distinctive, all of their poetry derives from the land, language and traditional life of a contemporary Native American and explores what it means to be a native woman writer today.

Come out and hear some amazing poetry at The Main Museum

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

All Beta Main programs are free.
114 W. 4th St., Los Angeles, CA 90013

RSVP here: Native Women’s Voices through Poetry



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