Los Angeles filmmaker Pamela J. Peters has a message from Indian Country that she wants to share with the rest of the world: Despite centuries of discrimination and oppression — including murder, rape, forced relocation and cultural assimilation — “We are still here.”

As Native Americans, she continued, “We are documented as a past-tense culture, even though we’re not.”

“For so long, we’ve had other people tell our stories and document our stories. They’ve researched us so much they’ve forgotten we are human beings,” said Peters, who is Diné (Navajo). “It’s important for us to have our [own] narrative, to [define] exactly who we are as indigenous people.”

Artbound recently spoke with four Native American artists (including Peters), living in Southern California, who explore the theme of indigenous identity in their contemporary art.

Please click here to read entire article – Very honored to be among some great talent in Southern California. These Native American Artists Want You to Know They Are ‘Still Here’

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