” This project came to life while I was reading the Morton County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page. The hate and ignorance toward my race is being perpetuated by the actual police! I found that completely unacceptable due to the fact that this is 2016. Native narrative in this situation is very important and I felt that the media was full of biased/smear pieces villianizing the Indigenous (and non as well) water protectors. This is a media/public relations battle being waged against my people, and the public needs to hear our voices in as many mediums as possible. Step away from any platform of priviledge and look into the eyes of an Indigenous water protector.” – JaNae Collins (Dakota/Crow)
Direct link:
Temryss Lane – Lummi
Jacob Pratt – Dakota/Ojibwe
JaNae Collins – Dakota/Crow
Shaandin Tome – Navajo
Andrea N. Garcia – Mandan/Hidatsa/Arikara
Clementine Bordeaux – Sicangu/Oglala Lakota
George Funmaker – Hochunk/Dakota
Jim Ruel – Ojibwe

Produced by: JaNae Collins, Brian Vallie, Jim Ruel, and Pamela J. PetersWe would like to thank the Standing Rock Water Protectors. You are making history and are making our ancestors proud.

For more information on actual events go to
FB Sacred Stone Camp:


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